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2015 Issues of Warship International

Volume 52 Issue 4 - December 2015

Feature Articles

From Ironclads to Dreadnoughts - The Development of the German Navy, 1864-1918 - Part

6B: The Great Step Forward

Capital ships of the Royal Italian Navy, 1860-1918 - Part 2



The HMS Dauntless (D 33) shown here during a visit to Boston on 21 October 2012. This photograph is copyright and through the courtesy of our member James Flynn

Volume 52 Issue 3 - September 2015

Feature Articles

The Career of the Imperial Japanese Navy Patrol Boat No. 102; International Fleet Review at the

Opening of the Kiel Canal, 20 June 1895



Repair work underway during 1943 on the former U.S. Navy destroyer Stewart (DD-224) at Surabaya.

Painting by Mr. Matsunosuke Furushima, published 25 June 1954 in Daitoua Sensou Shashinshi

[”Pictorial History of the Pacific War”] by Fuji Shoen publisher, Vol 2. Courtesy Toshio Tamura

Volume 52 Issue 2 - June 2015

Feature Articles

From Ironclads to Dreadnoughts - The Development of the German Navy 1864-1918 Part 6A - The

Great Step Forward



Westfalen during the skirmishes against British destroyers in the night from 31 May to 1 June, while

leading the German fleet back to Horns Reef. Painting by Claus Bergen. Nottelmann collection

Volume 52 Issue 1 - March 2015

Feature Articles

Note on High Speed Destroyers’ Maneuverability

Views from the Career of Soviet Destroyer Bravyy

The Royal Canadian Navy Issues Details on Retirement of Ships

Three Unusual and Impressive Artworks

USS Terror and her family - Part 2 The Netlayers: USS Monitor and class

British Navy Facing the Future



HMS Queen Elizabeth (R 08), the lead ship of the Queen Elizabeth class of aircraft carriers.

This vessel is the largest warship ever built for the Royal Navy. The ship was christened by

Queen Elizabeth II on 4 July 2014 and is scheduled to commission in early 2017. This

nighttime photo was taken at Rosslyn, U.K. on 13 August 2014 and is copyright and through

the courtesy of our member Reinhard Kramer

Volume 53 Issue 1 - March 2016

Feature Articles USS Terror and her family - Part 2. The Netlayers: USS Monitor and class LIfe in the Slow Lane - Some Thoughts on Minelayer and Netlayer Evolution Caspian Sea Campaign - Part I: First Phase - 1918 ---------------------------------- Cover USS Nutmeg (AN-33) tending icy anti-submarine nets in a Newfoundland harbor, circa 1944-1945. Official U.S. Navy Photograph, now in the collections of the National Archives. Photo #: 80-G-K-1544 (Color).  An article in this issue completes our coverage of the U.S. Navy’s planned four large netlayers -- much larger than Nutmeg seen here -- which in the end served in an entirely different role.

Volume 53 Issue 2 - June 2016

Feature Articles From Ironclads to Dreadnoughts - The Development of the German Navy, 1864-1918 Part 7. “Political Enforcements” ---------------------------------- Cover Who else than Claus Bergen - the “Artist of the Battle of Jutland” - could have been asked to produce a remembrance on the summit of Thuringen’s career. During the night-fighting around midnight she was mainly responsible for the destruction of the armored cruiser Black Prince which is shown here - by far too close, even if the distance is said to have been down to 1,000m. Nottleman collection.

Volume 53 Issue 3 - September 2016

Feature Articles From Chesapeake Bay to Manila Bay: Part 1 The Caspian Campaign - Part II: 1919-1920 ---------------------------------- Cover This photograph illustrates a painting of battleships of the Imperial Russian Fleet. It is titled “Battleships of Black See Fleet - 1916.” The painting is desplayed in The Russian Naval Museum, St. Petersburg, Russia. There is no information as to the name of the ship or the artist. Photograph was taken and is through the courtesy of our member Erwin F. Sieche.

Volume 53 Issue 4 - December 2016

Feature Articles John Regina’s Tour Capital Ships of the Italian Royal Navy 1860-1918 Part III - Pre-dreadnought Battleships From Chesapeake Bay to Manila Bay: Part II ---------------------------------- Cover Colorized photograph of the Italian Regina Margherita at anchor. http://blog.livedoor.jp/irootoko_jr/archives
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Volume 54 Issue 1 - March 2017

Feature Articles Navy Days in Den Helder, 2013 CSS Teaser Coast Guards of the World Torpedo Boats of the Imperial Japanese Navy Part 1 ---------------------------------- Cover HNLMS De Ruyter is the third De Zeven Provincien class air-defense and command frigate (LCF) of the Royal Netherlands Navy. She was laid down in 2000, launched in 2002, and commissioned in 2004. She has two roles: to command operations and deployment of the Royal Netherlands Navy, and the Netherlands Maritime Force (NL-MARFOR). Photograph copyright and courtesy of our member Jasper van Raemdonck.
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Feature Article: From Ironclads to Dreadnoughts: The Development of the German Navy, 1864-1918 Part V: The Kaiser’s Navy                  

Volume 51 Issue 2 - June 2014

Feature Articles - The French Armored Cruiser Pothuau; Soviet Shipbuilding Programs of the Post- war Decades: Part 4 Post Soviet Era 1991-2008; The Ammiragli class Submarines; An Estimation of the Pneumatic Gun’s Effectiveness; U-505 in the U.S. Navy - 1944 to 1954: From Capture to Disposal to Display              

Volume 51 Issue 3 -

September 2014

Feature Articles: Visit of the USS Maury to Odessa, Fall 1959; THe Heavy Antiaircraft and Machinegun Batteries aboard U.S. Navy Fast Battleships     
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